About Rowell Gormon

Rowell Gormon – “the Non-Announcerish Announcer”

 Rowell (conveniently rhymes with “role”) is “the Man of 999 ½ Voices”, equally at home doing a relaxed guy-next-door read in one session, a convincing businessman or senior citizen in the next, and then voice a talking toy robot lizard, or a stuffy English butler, or an animated light bulb…all before lunch!

He’s been a no-nonsense narrator for clients such as GlaxoSmithKline, Citigroup, Carquest, Home Depot, and Disney i.d.e.a.s. He’s done “down home” type narrations for Farm Bureau and Pfizer. He’s been a throwback “voice of doom” newsreel announcer for Sealy, a “Don Pardo” type for Burger King, a spooky storyteller for Frito-Lay. He’s been a grouchy old penguin for Ingles, a cute little star for Wake Med, a French-accented islander for Disney Cruise Lines, an irascible Germ for Sonic Drive-Ins, and a quirky cultured storyteller for the Utah Symphony.  He’s taught people how to repair Schindler escalators, acted as recorded tour guide for the Vanderbuilt summer mansion in Newport, and introduced the Lego/Star Wars “Quest for R2-D2”.

In educational materials for SAS Institute, he’s read poetry (even Shakespeare – which he knows absolutely nothing about), played John Adams, even Archduke Ferdinand and two of his assassins.
Rowell has also done two movies as a guest puppeteer with Jim Henson’s Muppets (alas, they did all their own voices).

RG is from the American Midwest, settled comfortably in the South. And while not a dialectician or impressionist, he can conjure up a multitude of character accents. Even the most outlandish personalities become believable characters…not just funny voices.

His home studio is a museum of radio/tv/animation and film history.

Many people are lucky to have a “second childhood”. Rowell is well into his fifth.


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