Pack It Up. Move It Out!

14 Jun

Whew.  I’ve been posting on this blog, after help in creating same from Bob Souer and webguy Lou Dalmaso, plus everyone who’s either looked in or linked in to help out, since 2008.

It took another friend at the first Faffcon to point out that since I created the blog on a wordpress site, it doesn’t show (or count) as new content for my website,  …which is the main reason I started the blog in the first place!!!!!!

And after only the better part of a year, it again falls to friend Bob Souer to help me navigate the twisted path to getting all this stuff ported over to a newly-created version of the Clogged Blog…this time on my own website!  Google Spiders and their Reader Masters please, please, please take note!

The adventure continues…along with even better reasons to post more often…at this new location:

You can head over there now to see what’s new.  And if you’ve been kind enough to link your own blog page to mine, would you be so kind as to update your blogroll link to this new location?

Question:  “Where would we be without friends?”   

Answer:  ” …on the wrong page!!!”

— over and out —


One Response to “Pack It Up. Move It Out!”

  1. Doug Turkel July 5, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    Hey Rowell,

    Congrats on the move…I hope you’ll be happy there! (And I just updated my blogroll to reflect your new address. THanks for letting me know.)

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