Coming Up For Air…Then Back On The Air

22 Oct

It’s been busy…for which I’m thankful. It’s been insane…for which I’m realistic.

There have been so many doors opening and closing around here lately I feel like I’m in one of those cartoon haunted house chase scenes.

But in a few weeks I’ll be making another transition which will have me evaluating how best to use my time. To that end, I’m going to attach this quote from the lovely and talented Claire Dodin on my computer monitor:

” That’s the problem with open auditions: they don’t want You; they want A voice, and usually the cheapest one.”

The comment was part of a fascinating interview Paul Strikwerda did with Claire Dodin, which you can read here in its entirety. But it ties in with what I had already planned to do in wrapping up my fourth-quarter goals: concentrating more on finding people who need what I sound like…rather than knock myself out trying to be the online audition equivalent of “Caller Number 10” on those radio station giveaways we used to have to do.

More on the transition later.  Too much work to do now (thank goodness).  I’ve got at least two sets of spots and another half-hour program to get ready for air tomorrow.

Meanwhile…grab onto Miss Claire’s quote and use it to boost your own confidence in your own future and in your own career.  …and start considering how much time would be better spent working for people who want YOU…not just another blind audition.

— over and out —


3 Responses to “Coming Up For Air…Then Back On The Air”

  1. Bob Souer October 22, 2010 at 6:49 am #


    Excellent post. Thank you for sharing that. I had just read Paul’s interview with Claire yesterday and that quote jumped out at me, too. Claire, of course, is a smart as she is beautiful … which is quite a lot.

    Be well,

  2. Paul Strikwerda October 23, 2010 at 6:51 am #

    Many thanks for shining the spotlight on my Claire Dodin interview, Rowell! As they say: success leaves clues, and I am very grateful for Claire’s insightful and practical observations.

    You’re writing the “Clogged Blog”. Does that mean that you have Dutch roots?


    • Rowell October 23, 2010 at 7:12 pm #

      …”credit where credit is due”, paul. the whole piece was informative, but that one line just jumped out at me.

      of course, the rest of claire’s comments showed one reason my success has been hampered: i’m not beautiful, with a french accent, living in l.a.!

      don’t know if i can claim any dutch heritage…the “clogged” in the title refers more to my normal state of “brain blockage” than my taste in footwear.

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