It’s Official! I’m A Warm, Friendly Voiceover.

16 Sep

     Okay, I’ve always suspected it.  That’s why I asked my webmaster/designer Lou Dalmaso to include those keywords in my website,    And he must’ve done a great job with it.  Now Google confirms it!

     I’m only just now getting some of my sleep-deprived grey matter working after a flight out to Portland, Oregon for the first-ever “Faffcon”.  It’s an “un-convention”, where like-minded professionals gather to share ideas and techniques without the usual lecture/audience structure.  Far more than just what we used to call Bull Sessions, there were many helpful one-hour mini-meetings where we all taught and shared.

     I went primarily to learn more about self-marketing.  And Steve Cunningham’s hour on search engines and websites was a highlight for me.  There were many reasons:  not the least of which was the surprise of seeing him flash this image on the screen:

     I’ll be taking Steve up on his generous invitation to call and find out how to further capitalize on what I must be doing right.  And there are other friends, new and established, I’ll now be able to add to my “who ya gonna call?” list for other things.  Who knows?  I may have wound up on one or two lists myself.

     Faffcon takes its name from a British slang term for “goofing off”…faffing about.  But the activity of the past weekend with those of us now being called the Founding Faffers was anything but a waste of time!  And there will be more in the future.  You can find out about it at

— over and out —


One Response to “It’s Official! I’m A Warm, Friendly Voiceover.”

  1. Chris @ ProComm Voices October 13, 2010 at 7:22 am #

    The warmest, friendliest voice over guy I know –
    I’m glad you’re finally getting the recognition you so richly deserve, Rowell;)

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