For an Actor, There’s NEVER Too Much On One’s Plate!

18 Aug

     Another night out with the “It’s A Mystery” troupe reminded me all over again why I sweat through these evening-long half-improv sessions in a wool fedora and a trenchcoat (in August).  Aside from the delightful company of quick-witted men and equally witty and beautiful women, tonight’s “Motivation for Murder” included dinner for the cast at our host facility:  Ruths Chris Steakhouse!   And our personal host, Chris (no relation),  proved as quick on the quip as any of us, remarking about Kaki Carl’s rare steak, “You know, a good vetrinarian could probably bring that one back.”

The pleasant experience reminded me I hadn’t posted about another memorable dinner:  this one at the suggestion of another lovely and talented woman – Pam Tierney during the recent Dan O’ Day summit in Los Angeles.  That’s Pam on the left, with Bob Souer (center) as we Voice Actors dined at the legendary Musso & Frank’s in Hollywood.   (Pam’s suggestion.  Bob’s car.  I got to tag along.) 

I didn’t have to don the trenchcoat and fedora for that one…but it would have fit right in with the mood and decor!

And people wonder why guys like me continue to pursue the career we’ve chosen!

— over and out —


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