What a Great Feeling when your CUSTOMER says “Thank You!”

6 Aug

     We’re supposed to be the grateful ones, right?  In the best of situations, we’re paid to do what we love and have fun doing.  And if we’re smart, we always thank our clients and everyone (engineers, agents, etc) who made it possible for us to have that magic moment.

     But the best of times are made even better when those people turn around and express gratitude!  “Thanks for getting this done so quickly!”, or “You ‘got it’ almost immediately…made our job a lot easier.”  And one I don’t think I’ve heard till today from a happy client:  “Thanks for working us into your schedule on short notice!”   Wow…I thought that was just part of the job (see previous post about “sounding alike”).

     What’s even better about that even better than best of times?  Knowing that your demo got you the job before you even knew you had it.

     And you want to know what makes that “best of the best” even better?   …finding out that your 20 minutes in the studio is going into a national spot with a one-year buy at very generous rates!

     The only thing that could possibly add to the better best-ness of this scenario will be when the client calls me back for another gig.  And since this is the second job the studio has recommended me for in three weeks…I have a postive vibe about the possibilities!

     If I’m honest about it, maybe that whole “positive vibe” feeling has something to do with all the above-mentioned.  There had to be something there worth remarking on, didn’t there?

— over and out —


One Response to “What a Great Feeling when your CUSTOMER says “Thank You!””

  1. Eric from windsor August 7, 2010 at 5:20 am #

    I’m a past student of Nancy Wolfson’s and I’m going to follow that comment with a “Ten Nice” !

    Nancy is the kindest,most generous teacher in the world, and is, in a word, brilliant! I studied with her years ago- and if there was going to be any criticism on Nancy, it would be ” Why aren’t you taking a vacation !?”.

    My awesome demos that Nancy produced are making money for me every week, and I can still hear the directions from Nancy when I’m recording, which helps me avoid pitfalls and book jobs day after day.

    If you want a coach to give you a “relaxing hobby” experience, then you need to avoid Nancy’s classes, and go to something like Knitting class instead- but if you are serious about voice-over, and want to hear from an expert every single second that you make a right or wrong turn in your reads, try and get an appointment for a class, NOW !

    For any of you critics of Nancy out there…I’ll be the person WAITING FOR YOU inside the locked room, when the previous commenter locks YOU in,so WATCH IT! bwuhahah!!!

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