I’ve Been Recycled!

23 Jul

 …add to that list:   “Re-Purposed”…and “Relieved“!

     It’s been months since I did the voice of a nerdy little robot for a NASA animation video detailing  U.S. astronauts’ return to the moon.  The project was very clever and a lot of fun.  And of course it was also immediately redundant once funding for any further moon missions was scrapped recently.  

     Mind you, the client paid for my work…no complaints there.  But it would have been fun to see the finished piece.

     Well, I may yet have the chance. 

     This week I got a request to get in the ISDN booth and “re-boot”.  The agency had re-worked the original concept, salvaging a lot of what had previously been done.  They’re now repurposing the animation project to show kids what it will take to live “off-world”…on a space station, on Mars, or even the surface of an asteroid.

      I can’t remember having a cancelled project reborn like this.  And it was very gratifying to be called upon to re-create the character for the new, streamlined project (and yes, they said I “sounded alike”…just like my previous post!).  This is definitely one “new and improved” product I won’t be complaining about!

    Uhm…did I just write about machines needing to be seen and not heard?  I suppose I could make an exception.

— over and out —


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