Machines Should Be Seen And Not Heard

21 Jul

     Normally, I’m on the side of anything that provides a paycheck to a voice talent.  But I have to say I have a lot of sympathy with Craig Wilson, writing in USA Today about some bossy automated devices he’s had to deal with lately.

     I particularly empathize with him over his reaction to the lady who lives in the GPS.  Though I don’t own one, I was driving our It’s A Mystery troupe to a show last year, and I swear the GPS we had was trying to kill us.  She kept giving us commands to turn where there was no road.  After I began ignoring the prompts on our return trip, I fully expected to hear the little voice utter a frustrated:  “Humph……Men!!!”

     Apologies to any and all who earn their bread with these gigs.  I’ve done one or two myself.  I guess I was surprised to notice someone else who noticed.

     And don’t worry, R2 and C-3PO.  You I still love.

— over and out —


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