“And Now, This Word…”

8 Jul

     Many of you reading this are very fine voice actors.  I like to think of myself that way too.  But how “very fine” would you be, if you had to play a whole scene wherein your character was only able to utter variations on one word? 

     I’m not even sure I could do it.  But Simon’s Cat can.  Actually, Simon is the voice of the Cat he created in a surprise hit series of internet videos, which I’m ashamed to say I only became aware of this year.  If you have a cat, or have ever been around cats, these short features should have you laughing so hard you’ll have to stop the playback and wipe your eyes so you can see what happens next.

     And talented as animator Simon Tofield is with his pen, he’s equally talented with creating a fully realized character…with only the variations on a single sound.

     While there are only a precious handful of these animated gems available to date, Simon’s Cat has also been successfully translated into print with a book of the same name.  Even without the voicetrack, you’ll still be laughing yourself silly.  I recommend it to your attention.

— over and mee-yowt —


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