I AM a Vacation Destination

1 Jul

    I ain’t no “brick…house”.  I’m more the Indiana Limestone type, but it turns out I am “mighty mighty”!

     I’m the “Voice” of the Vanderbilt Summer Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, named “The Breakers”.  Not some ghost, mind you.  I am the House!  And in a special audio tour aimed at families, I’ll be showing you around the Best House In Town.  Forget those laughable images of me on my video page…here’s what I really look like!

   There’s more…lots more…on a neat new website, and they even have another page with a clip from the audio tour, where I (as the House) introduce “Monsieur Le Chef”, played by another actor. 

     (If you’re in a hurry, you can hear a condensed version of the clip here.)

     It’s a pity I couldn’t have recorded on location.  But my trusty imagination worked its magic to the point that my director and his happy clients commented several times it seemed I had actually been there and could really see what I was describing.  And there was another neat compliment they gave me, which will be the subject of a future post.

      Meanwhile, if you’re in New England anytime soon…come out for a visit, and I’ll introduce you to the Chef, the Butler, the Dolphin in the Fountain, the Fabulous Breakinis…even take you through some of the secret passages!

     It’ll be grand to show you around!

— over and out —


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