When ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Just Won’t Do

30 Apr
I just read about the comedy-of-painful errors an online friend went through, trying to do some repair job which could have gone so much simpler and faster if he’d just paid a professional to do it.

More than a couple of us, in response, drew the parallel to people we Voice Talent complain about who figure they don’t need us in order to do something they know they can do just as well themselves.

A few years ago I decided to be a responsible adult (big mistake) and stop being the only person in my family who couldn’t make basic household repairs.

I even bought a book on plumbing so I’d know exactly how to replace the valve in a toilet tank.

First thing that happened as soon as my screwdriver TOUCHED the bolt head was that it snapped off from unseen rust, and what water was left in the tank after I’d drained it came pouring out all over the floor.

Several hours later I had the place dry enough to start again, got to step three in the book, only to find out that the parts and the tank I owned had not read the same book. Whatever it said to do in Step Three had no basis in reality.

I called a real plumber (who, thankfully, didn’t tell me what a hash I’d made of things), and had the job done right in less than an hour.

That’s just one of the things I’d rather pay someone to do, the right way. My time is more valuable to me than the satisfaction of knowing I did it myself. And I don’t have any self-inflicted injuries to seek medical help for, either.

It’s a life-choice I draw upon when I’m tempted to let someone tell me my own professional services are something they can do themselves.

I also remember my very polite plumber when someone brings me a completely hashed-up job to fix.

— over and out —


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