“cut me some slack, jack!”

23 Apr

I always associate the term “Cut me some slack” with  hipster dudes from the 80s, even though I knew I’d heard it earlier than that. 

(Favorite subtitled scene from “Airplane!” anyone?)

Turns out it goes wayyyyyyyy back.  According to the website, harbourguides.com, it’s a nautical phrase:

“…‘give me some slack’ or ‘cut me some slack’ (meaning make allowances to complete something) is actually hundreds of years old. Tying a ship to a pier was no easy feat and took two teams of men armed with mooring lines. As one line was pulled to haul the ship closer the other line was released or ‘given slack’. The process would go on until the ship was properly aligned.”

Anyway, this week I ran afoul of being “cut some slack”, by not making full and proper use of it.  The result is, I’ll be working extra hard these next few days to “pick it up”! 

It shouldn’t be this way, but it does seem I’m too often tempted to reward someone who’s given me more time…by making them wait even longer.  Meanwhile, someone whose deadline is hard and fast gets the extra attention. 

Fortunately, this story will have a happy ending…thanks to a friendly reminder.  The rest of  you,  learn from my example. 

When someone “cuts you some slack”, they expect you to pick it up and start pulling your weight!

— over and out —


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