the best agent you’ll ever have…

20 Apr

I have a few official agents so far…professionals who put my name forward for work or let me know about work i might audition for, in exchange for a percentage of what I book through their efforts.  And I’m very grateful to have their attention and assistance.  Lately, I’ve worked to better present myself as someone who could make money for those representing me.

But in all the focus on getting these worthy representatives, I was reminded afresh this week that I already have other agents out there working for me.  …and without a commission!

Phone rings.  It’s a client (and friend) named Jean Paul.  I’ve done many projects with him, and I doubt if either of us can remember the year of the first one.  “You’re gonna get a call from (insert name here).  I’m editing some video for him and he said he needs some voiceover work and audio production for a corporate show.  I told him he needed to talk to you.”  Several hours later, the call comes in.  I’m evidently pre-sold.

Earlier in the week.  Email arrives.  “We are casting for a quick voice over project, and one of our producers Chadd Pierce turned me onto your voice and thought you’d be a good match.  Would you mind cutting us a sample that we can review with the client?”  A quick mp3 is cut and returned.  Next day, new email:  “Got the okay from the client.  Send just like you did before, with a few variations and that should be perfect.  You nailed it last time.”

The point?  I had both these jobs, either 99% or in total, before I even knew about them.  Both were jobs I wouldn’t have even known to seek out.  And this is by no means the first time this sort of thing has happened.  It’s the whole  “agent” angle I hadn’t really thought of till now. 

How many “agents” do you really have working for you?  …more than you realize, I’ll bet.  And it probably isn’t because of any well thought-0ut campaign you’ve waged.  More likely you, or your work, or your reputation, were enough to get the ball rolling. 

So I guess that makes YOU your own agent as well…even when you don’t know how widely you’re “representing” yourself.

And when I offer to slice off a percentage to my surprise benefactor, I usually get a reply like this one from Chadd:  “…my pleasure to recommend someone as kind and talented as you (I knew you’d knock ’em dead)! No favor to return– honestly, it makes ME look good for turning Kelley onto your quality work 😉

Dang.  Now that makes me wanna be HIS agent when the time comes!  More work for me.  Oh…wait a minute…yeah…more work for me!  That was the whole point of this, wasn’t it!

— over and out —


3 Responses to “the best agent you’ll ever have…”

  1. Bob Souer April 20, 2010 at 11:07 pm #


    Now you’ve done it. You’re telling all the good secrets here. Actually, I’m delighted to read your post and remember that our friendship began when you contacted me about doing a voiceover for someone you know. So, you’ve been doing this for others at least as long as they’ve been doing it for you.


  2. Rowell April 20, 2010 at 11:20 pm #

    hey, you’ve only yourself to blame, bob. you’re the one who encouraged me to start blogging, helped me set up the thing, and even rescued some lost entries in a feat of internet detective work that i still marvel at!

    and, of course, thank YOU for being the “agent” behind my Godsend Gig of the Decade.



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    […] good friend Rowell Gormon wonderfully illustrates how things are supposed to work on his blog recently. And as I noted in my comment to his post, it was his own act of generosity […]

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