sometimes ya just need a “clark kent” day.

18 Apr

I didn’t get anything done today.

No, that’s not quite right.  I didn’t get any “business” done today.  That wasn’t the original plan, it just happened.  And ya know what?  It feels GREAT.  The world didn’t end because I wasn’t glued to my computer console trying to catch up on one set of deadlines, work ahead on the next, or create impossible new ones for myself.

Instead, I slept in.  I let a friend fix my car’s air conditioning.  I stopped on the way to the auto parts store to let my wife sit and watch heavy machinery clearing a lot of some trees (she’s fascinated by such stuff…she only married ME for CONTRAST).  I helped my daughter with a computer problem.  I took my son to his favorite videogame place and let him try out some demos.  I let my wife take us out to dinner (her idea).  I took another nap afterward, then did some online reading.

I make no guarantees, and I am not a medical professional or psychiatrist, but I feel better for this day.

…and of course, just after midnight I read a post on the about making a business plan, which shamed me into writing something up for myself, posting it, then looking at other people’s blogs and realizing I hadn’t made an entry in a few days (something I’ve set as a goal), came straight over here!

But hey…technically…it’s after midnight…right?  The “Clark Kent” day is allowed to stand.  Plenty of time to play “Superman” for everybody else tomorrow.  …even if I do look horrible in tights.

p.s. – the image is a downloadable paper cutout toy from this site.  

— over and out —


One Response to “sometimes ya just need a “clark kent” day.”

  1. Bob Souer April 18, 2010 at 9:10 am #


    Interesting that your “Clark Kent” day took place the same day mine did. It was mighty nice to be caught up and able to take a day “off” for a change. And if you think you look bad in tights, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    Be well,

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