i’m not the voice of god, i just do his production.

23 May


 Yikes!  I knew I’d been buried in my work, but a quick glance at the date of that last post made me cringe.

No, I haven’t closed shop.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  But the project I’m on (while in no way a Star Turn) has kept me at the console almost day and night since the end of January.  And I say this with all gratitude, even though I’m exhausted.

Mind you, last fall I had little idea I’d be so busy when others I know are having such a rough time.  But through the efforts of a wonderful friend, I was made aware of a 12-month writing/production gig  —  a 5-day-per-week 1-hour show on XM/Sirius for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. 

Obviously, since I’m now so busy, you can guess I was the one who got the job.  And while it’s good to have a dependable retainer for the first time in many moons, some hiccups in the development process saw a two-month lead time evaporate into a week…then a matter of days. 

Still, like that bumper sticker which tells you not to complain about farmers with your mouth full…I’m plugging away at editing existing recordings from guest speakers at The Billy Graham Training Center At The Cove, writing the bridging elements for the house announcer to record and send to me, then adding music, trimming, and  mixing the finished 1-hour show for delivery via ftp.  With the exception of my initial contact, the wonderful Bob Souer, I’ve never even met any of the people I’ve been working with-and-for in the past frantic months.

Mind you, there have been other voice jobs, and the comedy murder mysteries to do in the meantime.  But until I finally manage to work ahead to any degree, I think you know what (and Who) has my first priority.

If praying is something you already do…pray some physical endurance for me.  If not…good vibes and vitamins wouldn’t hurt anything either! 

— over and out —


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