Long-Term Investments You’re Unaware You’ve Made

30 Aug

I did my first job for a certain Nashville studio last week.  Turns out the owners were fans of mine from radio days decades ago.  We re-discovered each other last year but it’s taken this long for me to connect with one of their clients.  That said, they had the job lined up for me before I even knew I was being considered.

I was asked my rate for this particular type of tv voicer and quoted what I thought would be reasonable for the market.

“Oh, I think we can do better than that,” my friend said.  She was right.  My rate wound up being almost double my quote…and there were four spots, not one as I originally thought.

When  asked if I could do a (very) slight discount on one of the cuts, since it was shorter and would only run on the local PBS station…you know I said “Absolutely!

Clients like these are treasures to be nurtured!

Just in case you need to be reminded…there can be much benefit in treating your clients as friends, even before you know they are clients!  You literally never know who your work is going to impress, or what amount of time may pass before you see any tangible benefit. 

But trust me, it does pay off.

— over and out —


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