George Carlin: No More Stuff

23 Jun

Written in reaction to the death of George Carlin yesterday.

My skills with language will never be as good, as insightful, or as funny as that of George Carlin. Nor, by personal choice, will my language prove as bothersome or offensive to nearly so many people. But his is a voice i will miss now that it’s silenced.

While many reveled in his irreverence and (some would say) obscenites, it was his fascination with language and human behavior that had me hooked from way back in the 60s. Example: one of my favorite headlines – “Dock workers walked off their jobs this morning. Rescue operations continue…” or “Why is it we drive on a parkway, but park in a diveway?” And i’m forever obsessing about, as he so aptly observed it, a place for my stuff.

I’ve just added a new favorite quote from George Carlin, found in a memorial piece on the Huffington Post this morning. And regardless of political or spiritual leanings, it resonates:

‘It’s a wonderful feeling to have found something you’re good at, that you love to do, and that other people think you do well. Those are the three elements, I think, that go into being happy: Find something you love, be good at it, and have other people pat you on the back and say “good job.”

Whether you work as a voice actor or anything else…that’s Good Stuff.

– over and out –


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