Sometimes it’s the Performance Between Performances…

20 Jun

I had one of my rare on-camera character jobs recently, a repeat appearance for a good client. From the sound of the call, I had thought we were doing some pickups or additional scenes from a training video done several weeks ago. But no.

This was a separate piece, featuring the company’s top exec, who (contrary to most others I’ve encountered) didn’t really want to be on camera as the “star”. My contact with the company greeted me with a big smile at the outset and while complimenting me on our previous video, gave me an especially valuable testimonial: “We thought putting you in part of a scene with him (meaning ‘the Boss’) would help him feel a little more at ease.” 

I was given to understand she had observed my interaction with the crew and other cast members on our previous shoot. While I did nothing special to draw attention to myself between takes, I evidently projected a friendly, easygoing persona that was noticed in a favorable way.

There were several other very fine actors in that earlier video. Any of them could have easily done what little I had to do in this latest piece. But I was the one they brought back.

Now that’s something to hold onto mentally as I spend another day sending auditions and marketing inquiries out into the void!

— over and out —


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