Watch Your *#@%$!!! Language!

16 May

Peter O’ Connell has posted a thoughtful study of thoughtless on-air behavior and language this week, after a couple of nationally-known figures made the news in ways they’d maybe like to take back (link here to read it). It contains some nice insight on these *#$@&!! broadcasters. …oops. was that keyboard ON?

Don’t’ get me wrong. I’m no “holier-than-thou” voiceguy. I have absolutely no right to feel smug, having said many, MANY stupid things on the air, or mangled a thought beyond all comprehension in my career. But i guess i can thank my parents for the fact that I’ve never had the trouble with off-color language. It’s more habit than “holiness”.

In the rare instances when I’m asked to talk to a class about voiceovers, one of the first things I do is to stand in front of the microphone and tell them: “Remember: the mic is ALWAYS ON!” Then I pull the cable out of its socket and hold it in front of me, continuing, “even if you have the cable right in your hand – THE MIC IS ALWAYS ON!”

I’ve just seen/heard too many friends let go verbally in the heat of frustration or carelessness…and seen a few “let go” shortly thereafter.

But like I said, I’m certainly no angel.

Luckily, I’ve never had to try repairing a plumbing fixture or faulty computer program while on the air. THEN you’d hear some REAL #@$%*!!-ing.

— over and out — 



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