with directors like these, who needs enemies?

27 Apr

Wow, it’s been awhile.  So much for my resolve to post more often.  Still feel like I’m talking to myself most times, but then someone does take notice and it makes my day.

I guess maybe I HAVE been getting more work lately.  Downtime does seem to equal more blogs around this place.

During some time devoted to cruising other people’s blogs, though, I came upon a piece about online auditions which I credit to a dude calling himself “the voice cat”, over on voices.com.  He was offering thoughts on how to use clues in a job description or script to guide your choices in voicing the audition.

While there were many valid ideas, there was one set of client instructions that really caught my attention…for the wrong reasons.  Voice cat didn’t comment on it, so i don’t know if he even noticed, but it spoke volumes to me about online auditioning:  don’t always assume the person looking for voice talent knows more than you do (my quote, not his).  Here’s the lifted direction:

“Energetic but not too over top. Needs to be exciting yet trusting and believable. Looking for either a woman or a man, preferably with an English accident.” — (italics are mine – rg) —

Gosh.  Is this is a request for a badly-done Brit dialect (in which case, I would have been a natural for the gig)…or some strange direction asking the talent to sound like a person in the UK born out of wedlock?  …or someone about to crash a Rolls Royce into the Thames?

I wonder what kind of responses the client got?

 — over and out —


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